Information about ArtisTank Flea Market


Welcome to ArtisTank Flea Market!

A place where you can recycle any unused or unwanted art supplies, art materials, and exhibition materials by selling them to galleries, project spaces and artists.

This website is operated by ArtisTank , the social network for emerging artists. We have been working with and for a lot artists for a while now and we know that emerging artists crave for a place to sell and buy art materials from other artists. We think artists should never stop experimenting and that is why we created this marketplace. It is a prototype and we soon hope to integrate it into the new version of

If you do not know ArtisTank and you are an ARTIST, please visit our website and join the community by clicking on "Register" and filling the short form. For the moment, the platform is only opened to emerging artists but we hope to include other art stakeholders on the long run.

We created the very first social network absolutely dedicated to emerging artists. Connect with other like minded artists and receive tailored content on our prototype

We hope to come back to you with a much sleeker version of both the marketplace and the social network tool, but for that, we need you to show us your love!!! So register, follow us on social media and join our regular events;)

Take care


The ArtisTank Team

What Galleries and Institutions are saying about ArtistTank Flea Market?

‘What a very good idea. Like eBay just for artists.’

I from L.A.H.

‘Sounds like a great idea, very much needed.’
W from S.P.Gallery

‘Your website sounds really useful and interesting so will keep it in mind the next time we are looking for exhibition equipment.’

C from C.S.Gallery

‘Thanks for your email. That’s a brilliant idea!’

N from P.Gallery

‘This sounds like a very good idea!
I am going to re-organize our storage this August and there might be a few plinth and other useful stuff available.’

C from L.G. Gallery

‘I’ve just signed up - great idea - we’ll put spare frames onto the site as and when we have them.’

R from W.S.J.

‘Thanks for getting in touch - this looks like a great initiative!’

R from D.

‘Very interesting idea - I'm always incredibly conscious of the environmental impact of exhibition making (and deconstruction).’

E from A.I.S.E.

‘I love the idea of recycling, exchanging and lending materials, as a way to support creatives in realising their projects, and we will be following along with interest. It's always a big help to be able to source good quality materials affordably. I've signed us up for your mailing list and we will keep your site in mind when organising our next project, and after if we have any left over materials to recycle.’

E from K.T.C.

‘Sounds like a great idea, thank you!’

G from U.P.